Find a Goodwill Store near you. Outlet savings by the pound.At Goodwill outlets and wholesale locations,items are displayed on the sales floor in bulk bins and priced by the pound.Score great deals on all types of items from clothing, small appliances,decor and more at our three locations. Brooklyn Park. Shop at one of Florida's many Goodwill Outlet Clearance Centers for thrifting by the pound.Sift through items that didn't sell in Goodwill retail locations and purchase them at a discount. Simply fill a shopping cart,weigh and pay! Outlet Shopping . At Goodwill Outlet Stores, clothing, housewares,glassware,media and toys are sold by the pound.All other merchandise (such as furniture) is priced as marked. You should open some goodwill outlet stores near Danville,KY or in the Lexington or Somerset KY areas.There are a lot of people that would shop ast them and it would create more jobs in the area.